Ninja Camera App
Version: 1.0 Developed by: Robert Lemoine

Take secret photos of your friends' faces!

Share a laugh with friends when they realize they've been tricked!

✔ Launch the application and tap the start button.
✔ Hand the device to your friend.
✔ Your friend will be asked a series of 5 second questions intended to capture their attention and make them focus on the screen.
✔ As they play, their picture will be taken via the front facing camera.
✔ Once they've completed the challenges, they'll be rewarded with photos of their goofy looks of bewilderment and uncertainty!
✔ The photos can be saved or discarded before someone else plays again!

** Requires iPhone 4/4S/5 or iPod Touch with FRONT facing camera. Older devices can still play but some features will not be available.
Published: 2011-11-12
File Size: 8.02 MB
Price: USD 0.99
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