SilverDial Metronome App
Version: 2.1.0 Developed by: Kevin Fitch

♫ - FREE! No Ads! (and it's good too) - ♫

SilverDial is a precision, feature-rich metronome offering highly accurate time keeping in an intuitive, easy-to-use package.

♫ - Interface - ♫

★ Intuitive spin dial allows rapid adjustment of settings
★ Fine-tuned control by tapping left and right side of dial
★ Moving Beat Pendulum
★ Multicolored Screen Flash option
★ Full array of beat/subdivision indicator lights
★ Custom beat pattern capability available for purchase
★ Practice Timer

♫ - Sounds - ♫

★ Steady, dependable, highly accurate timing engine
★ 5 standard sound themes with 6 more available for purchase

♫ - Customization - ♫

★ Tempo range from 10 - 300 beats per minute
★ Meter range from 0 to 12 beats per bar
★ Up to 8 subdivisions per beat
★ Tap tempo mode
★ Configurable accents for beats in standard and compound time
★ Continues to play in background and while device is locked
★ Option to prevent device auto-lock

♫ - Presets - ♫

★ Flexible presets system with folder/set-list support
★ Quick preset cycling by swiping across indicator light area
Published: 2011-06-29
File Size: 1.53 MB
Price: Free
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