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Version: 1.0 Developed by: Kalamanteena Letechniat Al-Ma'Loumat LTD. CO.

Overall zakat calculation: is a program that helps Muslims to calculate Zakat using Accurate equations base on Islamic law, you can enter country currency to be able to find how much zakat in your currency, you can also use the application to know gold price in more than one country, this program offers u two ways of Zakat calculation:

1 - Full Zakat calculation: This method helps you to calculate your property Zakat of goods, money and business that must pay zakat for, the program start with you step by step until its show you the full amount of Zakat.

2 - Partial Zakat calculation: This method calculates Zakat by category:

1 - Zakat on jewelry.

2 - Zakat on cash in hand or on bank account.

3 - Zakat on loans, investments, deposits and stock.

4 - Zakat on private property.

5 - Zakat on Business.

6 - Zakat on the partner's share in the companies.

7 - Zakat on agricultural crops.

8 - Zakat on Cattle, fish and poultry farms.
Published: 2011-09-02
File Size: 1.01 MB
Price: USD 0.99
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