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Version: 1.3 Developed by: Ian Fletcher

FX Live is a powerful sound cue control application designed for theater use but suitable for all live productions. Far more than a simple cart machine, this highly responsive and intuitive application allows you to design and automate complex audio elements for any live production.

FX Live is the first application to fully unlock the potential of the iPad as a professional show FX controller. It features the ability to sequence multiple virtual FX players with programmable crossfades between the different elements.

The iPad's touch interface is ideal for this kind of application and FX Live has been designed to be fast and easy to use for everyone from the occasional user doing a school production to those creating complex, multi-layered shows in a professional or semi-professional environment.

Beautifully designed with detailed documentation and support, this rock solid application is a must for anyone doing live sound for theatre.

The free version is fully featured but limits the number of cues and simultaneous effects; even so, it is ideal for small scale school productions.

The unrestricted version is available by In App Purchase.
Published: 2012-04-17
File Size: 87.49 MB
Price: Free
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