Momentum Visa App
Version: 1.2.9 Developed by: Galileo Processing

Discover the freedom to do more with your MOMENTUM® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card Mobile app. Manage your Momentum account from your iPhone or iPad. Experience the ease of faster and more secure purchases wherever Visa debit cards are accepted at stores, gas stations, restaurants, theaters, and in shopping malls all over the world! Plus – you can save time and money by making purchases and payments online and over the phone, and relax knowing that your card is prepaid, so you can only spend what you load.
With this application you will be able to: 
- Get your current account balance 
- List all authorizations, transactions and card money loads 
- See a spending summary (by category) of spent items for a specified date range 
- Contact customer support via phone number or website
Your life moves because you have a MOMENTUM® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card.
Published: 2012-02-28
File Size: 6.35 MB
English, Spanish
Price: Free
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