RMI-Sim App
Version: 1.0 Developed by: David Lloyd

RMI Sim simulates (using GPS) the radio magnetic indicator found in many airplanes.

All navaids from the US National Flight Data Center are included. Simply press one of the buttons at the bottom of the display and select from the list to point to that navaid. Two pointers are provided as in a traditional RMI. When moving, RMI Sim will use your track for heading information. When stationary, it will revert to the iPhone's internal compass.

RMI Sim is for novelty/educational purposes only and is not intended to be used in flight.

RMI Sim will not function when your phone is in airplane mode as this turns off the GPS receiver.

The navaid database will be updated from time to time free of charge but do not expect completely fresh, unexpired data at all times.
Published: 2011-05-29
File Size: 325.86 kB
Price: USD 0.99
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