GoStudy Cypriot Syllabary App
Version: 1.0 Developed by: Reflare UG

GoStudy Cypriot Syllabary makes it easy to learn and master the Cypriot Syllabary. No more studying at home or carrying books around - now you can quickly and comfortably study the complete Cypriot Syllabary. Study Cypriot Syllabary wherever you want, whenever you want. Right on your favorite mobile device.

GoStudy Cypriot Syllabary features a wealth of study modes.

- RSVP Mode (Characters change rapidly)
- List Mode (List of characters)
- Full Screen Mode (Flip through the characters manually)

- FlashCard Mode
- Multiple Choice Mode
- Drag Drop Mode

- Scored Multiple Choice Mode
- Scored Drag Drop Mode

GoStudy Cypriot Syllabary is OpenFeint enabled. Compare your success with your friends or beat the regional and global high-scores!
Published: 2010-05-31
File Size: 3.69 MB
Price: USD 4.99
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