Talking App Maker - Free App
Version: 1.1 Developed by: Purple, Inc.

Create your own repeating animation! Take photos of yourself talking and create an animation that repeats what anyone says - at any pitch! It's easy and fun! You can even draw your own cartoons to create your very own talking app just like the popular apps everyone loves!

This app requires 7 different photos that you can easily add. Once they are uploaded, you can save your project and re-load it in the future!

- Make anybody repeat what they hear
- Change the pitch
- Draw your own animations and take pictures
- Save as many projects as you want for future use
- Free!

Use your imagination to make fun, talking animations to share with family and friends!

Make Me Talk's main photo taken from SarahMcManiman's photostream on Flickr's Creative Commons (SeraphicVisions)
Published: 2011-05-12
File Size: 4.07 MB
Price: Free
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