Tommy Cooper's Mirth, Magic & Mischief App
Version: 1 Developed by: BBC Worldwide LTD

Welcome to Tommy Cooper's Mirth, Magic & Mischief App…

Enter the magical and mischievous world of Tommy Cooper!

Features include:

Tommy delivers his top gags!
Bonus features: Set a time delay to surprise your friends with a random joke.
Shake your iPhone to play a gag.

The unique "Laugh-O-Meter" feature plays 16 videos of the best Tommy Cooper tricks and routines from his many TV appearances; if you keep laughing then the jokes keep coming!

Trick your mates with a number of devilish and deceptive routines that utilise the iPhone's touchscreen: Topsy Turvy Tumblers and the Memory Trick.
IT'S IMPOSSIBLE: Learn 3 bonus tricks from Tommy's repertoire, with animated instructions. Your friends will think these tasks are simple, but they'll soon be stumped by these fiendish challenges!

Record your own jokes, and share them online. Use the iPhone camera to give yourself the most iconic part of Tommy's onstage outfit, the fez! Guaranteed to make your mates laugh.

Download this app now, just like that!
Published: 2010-12-17
File Size: 130.09 MB
Price: USD 1.99
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