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  • Teens held after capsicum spray released in Sydney tunnel, affecting pedestrians Four teenagers who allegedly released capsicum spray in one of Sydney's busiest pedestrian tunnels have been arrested after dozens of people were affected by fumes that caused coughing and eye irritation. 4 hours ago
  • 'Hazardous fumes' hit Central Rail platforms evacuated and access tunnel closed as a special fire unit investigates. 4 hours ago
  • 'Hazardous fumes' close tunnel Access to Central Station via Devonshire St tunnel is blocked off while a fire unit investigates. 5 hours ago
  • Breathing easy during wildfire and allergy season DENVER — If you’re coughing, sneezing or having a little trouble breathing easy today, the hazy skies could be the reason. Pollution and smoke from wildfires burning in Washington can impact your health. Doctors say smoke combined with existing air pollution and summer season allergens present a health hazard for anyone with asthma and other […] 3 days ago
  • What a rarity: a British Open winner in Rory McIlroy and a rogue coughing spectator Jim White: When Rory McIlroy turned for help to eject a spectator we witnessed something almost unique in a sport famous for its respect towards players 3 days ago
  • Red Bulls draw after coughing up another lead Last season’s Red Bull team won the Supporters’ Shield — the first silverware in team history — as much with toughness as it did talent. But that toughness is very... 5 days ago
  • Child have allergies? Try cutting out the sugar Like many boys his age, Christopher Reider-Hicks, 11, loves his Pittsburgh Steelers, his room, and beating his brother.Lately, the Brevard County middle school student had to stop horsing around with his brother. His severe coughing fits benched the young athlete. 1 week ago
  • Tuesday Q & A: Child's chronic cough may be symptom of asthma DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My son, 8, has been coughing off-and-on at night for a few weeks and says his chest hurts, but he never complains about it during the day. Could he have asthma? How is it diagnosed? If it’s very mild, would he still need treatment? ANSWER: Based on the symptoms you describe, it [...] 1 week ago
  • Six-month coughing spell baffles physicians Gary Ewert of Marion has no choice other than to be a good loser when playing hide-and-seek these days. Chronic coughing that has plagued Ewert continuously for nearly six months has doctors baffled, but it’s a dead giveaway for his 4-year-old grandson, Kael. 2 weeks ago
  • Cycling: Desperate times, desperate measures for Millar Last Saturday afternoon, David Millar rode into the car park behind the Holiday Inn near Newport, climbed off his bike and broke into a coughing fit. 3 weeks ago

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