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  • Justin Bieber Featured in Khalil's 'Time for Bed' Bieber also showcases his maturer vocals in another song 'Playtime' from Khalil's new mixtape 'A Long Story Short'. 4 days ago
  • Posted July 2, 2014 The announcement of a new marketing drive by Chris Koch & Associates for their... How can a “flat earth” argument be equated to an argument in California DUI... 1 week ago
  • Justin Bieber teases plans for new music in 2014 The now mustache-less Justin Bieber has teased plans to release new music by the end of the year. read more 1 week ago
  • Justin Bieber's perfume profit stinks Executives at cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden have blamed poor sales of Justin Bieber's fragrances for a huge slump in profits. 1 week ago
  • Bieber's Bad Hair Day: Singer Sports Strange New 'Do The 20-year-old looked like he just rolled out of bed when he was snapped on a walk in Los Angeles on Tuesday. While our eyes darted in many directions when we first saw the pictures, our eyes stopped on his bizarre bangs, which reminded us of a fan or, better yet, a cockatoo. 1 week ago
  • Ice bucket challenge 27-yr-old co-founder Corey Griffin dies The 27-year-old's life was cut tragically short when he dove off a wharf that serves as a popular diving perch for locals, resurfacing once before disappearing back under the water and drowning. 1 week ago
  • Perfume Bosses Blame Justin Bieber For Sales Slump Executives at cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden have blamed poor sales of Justin Bieber 's fragrances for a huge slump in profits. 1 week ago
  • Swift, Bieber scents stink up Elizabeth Arden's 4Q Celebrity perfumes are turning out to be a stinker for Elizabeth Arden. The cosmetics company said Tuesday that its loss widened in the last quarter as demand declined for its celebrity fragrances, particularly ... 1 week ago
  • Selena Gomez: Stay Strong And Don’t Fall Back Into Things With Justin Selena Gomez, we know that Justin Bieber will always have a special place in your heart, but right now is the time to show your strength! 2 weeks ago
  • Did Kendall Jenner Really Throw Money In a Waitress' Face? Today in celebrity gossip: Hollywood's newest mystery involves a Kardashian, plus Frances Bean Cobain reaches out to Robin Williams' daughter, and Justin Bieber cuts a plea deal in Miami. It was one of those classic Hollywood tales, nearly microscopic in its importance but epic for its cinematic camp value: Kendall Jenner skips out on a check, a waitress chases her down the street, and Jenner ... 2 weeks ago

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