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  • Pick2Pay-Holiday Shopping App Find the best holiday shopping savings by stacking credit card rewards with discounted gift cards and cash back shopping portals all... 1 day ago
  • Don't buy these gifts! Here's a few tips to avoid putting you on "bad gift-giving" list! 2 days ago
  • Americans are using social media to enhance Chanukkah and Christmas In the grand scheme of things, America is a very young nation. Still, we Americans have deep-rooted traditions that are carried over from our ancestors of the old-world. This is most apparent during the holidays -- in November and December -- as the country transforms for Christmas and Chanukkah. Even people that aren't of the Christian or Jewish variety are welcome to participate. Lately ... 3 days ago
  • Holiday Gifting Has Gone Social: 20% of Americans Post Gift Ideas and Gifts Received, a pioneer and leader in online cash back shopping, today announced results of its annual Holiday survey that shows the #1 most popular social media network Americans post on about gifts and holiday parties during the holiday season is Facebook, according to more than half of the country . 3 days ago
  • Announces Mobile Monday, a pioneer and leader in online cash back shopping, today announced the launch of Mobile Monday, offering shoppers who use the Ebates iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets even more savings and exclusive cash back offers one Monday every month. 6 days ago
  • Why Shopping in Your Home State Can Help You Save Despite the digital age we live in, people are actually still buying presents in person. As of 2013, a Gallup poll found that 47 percent of shoppers still intend to do all of their shopping in brick and mortar stores. If you are among them and you live in one of the more expensive areas of the country but are actually from somewhere with a lower cost of living, it could be worth it to wait on ... 1 week ago
  • Reports underline mobile's importance B2X has released a global study that shows Americans are basically attached to their smartphones. That along with trends found by Monetate and Ebates are indicators that mobile will continue to be highly sought after in 2015. 1 week ago
  • Americans Prefer Shopping Online for the Holidays, a pioneer and leader in online cash back shopping, today announced results of its annual Holiday Shopping survey that show that an overwhelming majority of Americans prefer online shopping over shopping in physical stores. 2 weeks ago
  • What do Americans want this year for Christmas? This year, cash and clothes are the number one rank present that both teenagers and adults want to see under the Christmas tree. 3 weeks ago
  • Hack your Black Friday with these five apps Here are some apps to download before you go shopping for a smoother more fruitful Black Friday 3 weeks ago

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