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  • Charles Arlinghaus A 400 million hole was just blown in the state budget The courts just blew a huge hole in the state budget. 10 hours ago
  • False Tax Claims Q: Did Democrats increase federal income tax rates in 2014 under Obamacare? A: No. Tax increases mentioned in a viral email went into effect a year earlier, as part of a budget […] 18 hours ago
  • Economix Blog: On Tax Day: What’s Fair? If the rich are getting richer, and the middle class incomes are stagnating, it seems fair that the rich pay more in taxes, writes an economist. 20 hours ago
  • Obama's Tax Rate Rose — And He Can't Blame Anyone But Himself President Obama, like many wealthy Americans, is paying more of his income to the IRS. He and the first lady paid $98,169 in taxes for 2013 on income of $481,098. 20 hours ago
  • Shocker! Most Americans Say Federal Taxes Are Too High The majority of Americans say their federal taxes are too high — with wealthier people especially unhappy with their tax bills this year. A new Gallup poll released just ahead of tax day shows 52 percent of respondents believe they pay too much in federal taxes. Higher earners tended to be more dissatisfied with their tax bills, with some 61 percent of people taking home $75,000 per year or ... 1 day ago
  • Maple Valley ponders future and potential fiscal cliff The Maple Valley City Council and city staff are pondering the city’s own version of a fiscal cliff as talks about the Comprehensive Plan and the city’s future ramp up this month. 4 days ago
  • Obama’s Tax Policies Boosted Obamas’ Tax Burden President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama paid $98,169 in total tax on income of $481,098 for 2013. That worked out to an effective federal income tax rate of 20.4%, the White House said -- a higher rate than 2012, even though their income declined. 4 days ago
  • North Las Vegas reaches agreement with police unions It appears the city of North Las Vegas has stepped away from a fiscal cliff. 5 days ago
  • The Tax Burden for Small Business Is Getting Worse This time of year is dreaded by small businesses – a time when many companies and individuals are finalizing their tax returns. Because of the “fiscal cliff” deal in January of 2013, when President Obama called for higher taxes, rates are higher for individuals at higher income levels. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, 75 percent of businesses are pass-through ... 1 week ago
  • Polar Politics Just to get things straight — it is really not a fiscal cliff; it is more of a slope. The entity of the tax breaks and the spending cuts will not fully expire until ten years from Dec. 31. 4 weeks ago

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