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  • Getting Started With The Pokémon Trading Card Game Every year I watch the Pokémon National Championships, and every year it gives me the itch to return to the Pokémon Trading Card Game something fierce, but with store shelves flooded with countless colorful card packs, I didn't know where to start. So I turned to The Pokémon Company for help. Read more... 14 hours ago
  • AU New Releases: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Launches This Week Nintendo's brawler will be making its handheld debut. 2 days ago
  • UFC Quick Quote: Ronda Rousey lost weight on the Pokemon diet "I got the trading cards first. Then I got the video game on Gameboy Color. My first one was Pokemon blue, and my first Pokemon was Charmander. I got immediately hooked. I lost a bunch of weight and I was a small kid. I wouldn't stop playing. I just had a stack of milk and graham crackers next to me because I wouldn't get up. I'll just have a cracker and keep playing. I've got every single ... 1 week ago
  • I Own, Unquestionably, The World's Weirdest Pokemon Collection No, I cannot compete with the people who have somehow collected every piece of Pokemon merchandise on the planet. I often struggle to remember what Dark types are strong against. And honestly? I left the game sometime after Ruby and Sapphire, never to truly come back to it until Pokemon X and Y. Read more... 1 week ago
  • Monster Hunter 4 and Pokemon X & Y top Japan Game Awards winners This year's winners of the annual Japan Game Awards have been announced. Here they are!The post . 1 week ago
  • Rayquaza Confirmed for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire That's not all: Nintendo will release a special demo version of the upcoming game. 2 weeks ago
  • Battle Over Land and Sea Trailer Not only is Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza showing up in the upcoming 3DS game, but Mega Camerupt, Mega Sharpedo, and Mega Gallade will make their debut too. 2 weeks ago
  • Pokemon X and Y Review Revisit We reflect on last year's bold new Pokémon game on 3DS. We haven't done a Review Revisit in a long time, but we're going to try to bring them back to the fore now that we've built up almost a year of recent Nintendo releases we can reflect on. First up is Pokémon X/Y, the first brand new Pokémon games on 3DS released in October 2013. When they first... Read more... 3 weeks ago
  • Free Pokemon X/Y Diancie and Shiny Gengar Offered at GameStop in October Visit a GameStop in the US this fall and get yourself some free Pokemon. 3 weeks ago
  • Pokémon Shiny Gengar And The Mythical Diancie Can Be Yours Free In October Pokémon fans have a lot of reasons to be excited this fall. In case the release of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby in November aren’t enough, a new expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card game is coming, and the digital version is soon to arrive on iOS devices. To celebrate, The Pokémon Company has announced a giveaway for two free, special Pokémon. First up is a shiny version of Gengar. From ... 3 weeks ago

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