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  • Fuck Pikachu Seriously. Read more... 2 days ago
  • Nintendo World Report's Top 20 3DS Games (So Far): #10 - #6 We give love to Pokemon, Link, Lucina, and more. 10. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Grezzo Release Date:: June 19, 2011 Review Score:: 9.5/10 In 1998, Ocarina of Time was a groundbreaking masterpiece on the Nintendo 64. The 3DS version, coming 13 years later, is the clear, definitive version of that masterpiece.... Read more... 4 days ago
  • Nintendo World Report's Top 20 3DS Games (So Far): #15 - #11 Mix together RPGs, rhythm, platforming, and racing to get this batch of games. 15. Mutant Mudds Publisher: Renegade Kid Developer: Renegade Kid Release Date:: January 26, 2012 Review Score:: 9/10 Back in the beginning of 2012, we called Mutant Mudds one of the best eShop games. Three years later, and that's still true. This deliberate platformer that makes wonderful use... Read more... 5 days ago
  • Giving Yourself Hacked Pokémon Just Got Way Easier Normally, Pokémon cheaters have to use devices like Action Replay to get rare (but hacked) Pokémon. But recently, Pokemon players found an exploit that uses nothing but the 3DS camera to get rare or unreleased Pokémon'and it's ridiculously simple to pull off. Read more... 6 days ago
  • How to Beat up Pokémon in Japanese Arcades The new Pokémon fighting game, Pokkén Tournament is hitting arcades in Japan this summer, and a new trailer is out to offer new details, including a breakdown of the controls. Read more... 1 week ago
  • Wild Theory Explains Pokémon's Biggest Mysteries The twist at the end of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire doesn't just make the Pokémon timeline bonkers. It might explain some of the stuff that Pokémon fans have been wondering about for years. Read more... 2 weeks ago
  • The Best Pokémon For Each Situation With over six hundred pocket monsters to choose from, not all Pokémon are made equal. Some Pokémon are better than others. And if you're looking for the very best Pokémon you can own, your choices are limited. Read more... 2 weeks ago
  • Pokemon Bank Subscribers Getting Triple Gift This Month The final evolutions of each Johto starter will come with a previously unobtainable Hidden Ability. 3 weeks ago
  • Pokémon Company Announces Winter Regional Championship Locations The Pokémon Company has revealed a slew of information about the Pokémon Winter Regional Championships, as well as details on how to get three high-level Pokémon. The regional championships are scattered across the U.S., and four of the five events are being held on February 14-15. The Florida championship is later in the month, from February 28-March 1. If you're hoping to compete in one of ... 3 weeks ago
  • Pokken Tournament location test gameplay report As we've previously reported, Bandai Namco and Nintendo are currently holding location tests for Pokken Tournament in Japan through February 1. Japanese outlet Game Watch attended the one being held at the Namco Lazona Kawasaki arcade and provided a detailed report on the current state of game and its systems, which we've summarized below. Those […] Read Pokken Tournament location test gameplay ... 4 weeks ago

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