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  • A scandal at North Carolina lands on NCAA's doorstep Somewhere, up there, Jan Gangelhoff is smiling. She didn't need to be validated, but she has been. 8 hours ago
  • Scandal : Still Grieving “I’m gladiating,” Olivia Pope tells Quinn during a stakeout early in Thursday night’s episode “The Key.” It’s less of a declaration than a lame pass at convincing herself that she is still Olivia Pope, the one in the white hat, the Fixer. Never mind that her boyfriend Jake is incommunicado and lodged in the bowels of the Pentagon or that Olivia Pope and Associates has crumbled into an anemically ... 19 hours ago
  • 'Scandal' recap: 'The Key' Recently, "Scandal" has strayed further from its original case-of-the-week style, meaning the show’s signature shockers aren’t coming at their usual breakneck speed. 19 hours ago
  • Scandal Season 4, Episode 5 Recap: Jake and Fitz Go Head-to-Head in "The Key" Rowan Pope, the master manipulator! The former Command is at it again, and this time, his deception [...] 20 hours ago
  • ‘Scandal’ Recap: Jake Goes Down For Jerry & Harrison’s Deaths The drama almost got too intense for words on the Oct. 1 day ago
  • Massive cheating scandal at UNC involved athletes Bogus classes and automatic A's and B's are at the heart of a cheating scandal at the University of North Carolina that lasted nearly two decades, encompassing about 3,100 students - nearly half of them athletes. At least nine university employees were fired or under disciplinary review, and the question now becomes what, if anything, the NCAA will do next. Justice Department official Kenneth ... 1 day ago
  • ‘Scandal’ actor pulls double duty as newest creepy creature on ‘Grimm’ Brian Letscher has seen his “Scandal” character, Tom Larsen, grow — from a bit part as a Secret Service agent in the ABC drama’s first season to a B-613 agent... 2 days ago
  • New Japan minister hit by S&M bar scandal Japan was hit Thursday by a third political scandal in a week after its new industry minister -- whose predecessor resigned in disgrace over misspending -- admitted that his underlings had spent office cash at a sex bar. Harvard graduate Yoichi Miyazawa, a former top bureaucrat in the finance ministry, immediately distanced himself from the brewing scandal, saying he wasn't present at the club ... 2 days ago
  • 9 UNC employees fired or disciplined in scandal CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — The scale of an academic scandal involving bogus classes and inflated grades at the University of North Carolina was far more widespread than previously reported and included about 1,500 athletes who got easy As and Bs over a span of nearly two decades, according to an investigation released Wednesday. 2 days ago
  • How the academic scandal worked at UNC CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — The academic scandal at the University of North Carolina unfolded over nearly two decades and involved about 3,100 students, nearly half of them athletes, according to a report released Wednesday by former U.S. Justice Department official Kenneth Wainstein. Here are details about the fake classes that students didn't have to show up for, according to the report. 2 days ago

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