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  • September 2014 Tesla Model S Sales: CEO Elon Musk Says Global Sales Hit A Record Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk fired back at the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, taking umbrage at the newspaper’s insinuation that the company’s recently announced lease price reduction is motivated by “ declining ” U.S. demand for the company's Model S. 1 day ago
  • Tesla Model S taxis report for duty in the Netherlands The Tesla Model S will be added to the Netherlands' Taxi Electric fleet, giving travelers the opportunity for a somewhat more luxurious ride. The Netherlands follows Norway, where Tesla Model S taxis are already operating. 1 day ago
  • Here’s What Could Really Be Going On With Tesla Sales Mauirizio Pesce/flickr Sales are great! Something strange happened early Tuesday morning when Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted a response to a Wall Street Journal article that raised some questions about Tesla sales. The WSJ story was about a new Tesla leasing deal, but reporters Mark Ramsey and John D. Stoll also noted that Tesla’s U.S. sales, at 10,335 vehicles, are down 26% through September ... 1 day ago
  • Tesla stock spikes on Musk promises, lease offer Tesla stock rose in mid-morning trading after the company announced it would offer a new, lower-cost lease plan and its founder, Elon Musk, tweeted that domestic sales of its Model S electric sedan were up 65% in North American and had reached an unspecified "record high" worldwide. 1 day ago
  • Elon Musk Offers a Tesla Happiness Guarantee What New Tesla Drivers Can Expect From the Luxury Electric Car Company 1 day ago
  • Tesla offers 25% savings on U.S. leases Tesla announces deal it says will cut lease prices for Model S by 25% as well allow unhappy buyers to bail out of leases early. 1 day ago
  • Tesla Model S is now cheaper to lease, comes with a return policy Tesla has just revealed reduced lease rates for its Model S, along with a "happiness guarantee" that lets you return the EV up to three months after purchase with no penalty. Elon Musk said that buyers in certain states will get rates up to 25... 2 days ago
  • Tesla Launches Model S Lease Program Luxury electric-car manufacturer Tesla this past weekend announced the launch of its new U.S. Bank-backed lease program that practically dons a polyester suit and says, "What's it gonna take for me to put you in a new Model S, today."... 2 days ago
  • Tesla Model S lease now comes with ‘happiness’ guarantee Tesla wants you to be happy with its Model S, and if you don’t like it, you can break the lease within three months. 2 days ago
  • Lease Tesla's new Model S in the US Tesla Motors unveiled a leasing policy for its new Model S with an option for buyers in the U.S. to return the car within three months of purchase. 3 days ago

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