aromatic votive candles craft

Aromatic Votive Candles

Heatproof flower pots or glasses
Wooden Skewers
1 pound paraffin
Empty coffee can
Essential oil

Fill selected candle holder with water; pour water into measuring glass and note the quantity.

Tie wick onto wooden skewer so that the free end touches the bottom of the candle holder. Lay skewer on rim with wick centered.

Place paraffin in a very clean coffee can set in a saucepan of boiling water; let paraffin melt. Add a few drops of essential oil and mix in well, using a wooden skewer.

Pour melted, scented paraffin into the selected candle holder. Pour slowly to avoid creating air bubbles. Let cool.

Prick surface of candle with a needle. The candle is ready to be used when no liquid wax residue appears on the needle.

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