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Poker is a combination of skill and luck games. You start with 1000 credits and with a little bit of luck, you will make it to our highscore list.

Online Poker Game Rules
The different categories of five-card poker hands are as follows, from weakest to highest: One Pair, Two pair, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Full house, Four of a kind, Straight flush and Royal flush. A given hand beats all hands listed before it. Our poker game includes a Joker, which replaces any missing card that might benefit you. You start with 1000 credits. Can you make it to our highscore list?

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Top 15 Players

  Player Name   Score   Date
  Pazz   8825   2016-03-30
  GuestMMing   8800   2014-10-20
  FAFATHAI   8300   2011-02-24
  barbugg   8250   2011-02-17
  Guest   8075   2015-04-26
  FAFATHAI   7625   2011-03-23
  KHALIL   7550   2015-07-03
  FAFATHAI   7300   2011-07-25
  Dizjon   7200   2012-04-10
  FAFATHAI   7150   2011-03-12
  FAFATHAI   7050   2011-12-03
  NE   7025   2011-06-18
  Edual   7000   2010-05-19
  FAFATHAI   6850   2011-02-17
  Al   6825   2010-01-31


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