7thSpace - Rush (Ping Pong)

Be quick on the ball in this game of ping pong. Do you think you can make it into our high score list?

Game Instructions
Rush is a game similar to ping pong. You control the paddle with your mouse and try not to let the ball through on your side. The game is over when you miss the ball three times. You get 10 points each time you hit the ball and each goal you get is worth 100 points. At the end of the game you can submit your score to our Top 10 high score list.

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  Player Name   Player Score   Date
  Magna Defender   20150   2014-05-25
  max   16200   2008-09-01
  Guest Player   15050   2010-04-13
  yes jjang   14930   2014-04-18
  Guest Player   14760   2010-10-07
  max   13590   2008-07-16
  yes jjang   13260   2014-04-18
  Melody   13190   2010-04-14
  Raphael   12440   2008-11-10
  Melody   12200   2010-05-15
  Bluefox   12100   2008-07-13
  RiggA   11960   2008-11-09
  Monique   11520   2008-11-10
  max   11470   2010-08-04
  James Pell   11240   2008-08-16


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