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Put your shooting skills to the test in our family friendly Shooting Booth Game. Do you think you can make it into our high score list?

Shooting Booth Game
This is a target shooting game which is fun for the whole family. Try to hit as many targets as you can during the 90 seconds time frame. Each target is worth 3 points. Watch out for the bonus target, which is worth 7 points. At the end of the game you can submit your score to our high score list. Do you think you're good enough to make it into the Top 10?

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  Player Name   Player Score   Date
  Magna Defender   768   2014-05-25
  hecatonchire   684   2012-11-21
  Raion   672   2010-11-09
  Raion   669   2010-11-09
  Raion   666   2010-11-09
  adik PL   645   2014-09-13
  Raion   639   2010-11-09
  Raion   627   2010-11-09
  adik PL   620   2014-09-15
  adik PL   614   2014-09-15
  Raion   609   2010-11-09
  adik PL   603   2014-09-13
  adik PL   590   2014-09-15
  Dav112   580   2012-03-05
  adik PL   573   2014-09-13


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