7thSpace - StarSwitch Matching Game

StarSwitch is a game of logic. Your mission is switching on all stars so they shine in a bright orange light.

StarSwitch Game Rules
Click on white stars to switch them on (turn them orange). Each time you switch on a star, all neighboring stars will react, meaning white stars become orange and orange stars become white. Can you switch on all stars and make it to our highscore list?

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Top 15 Players

  Player Name   Score   Date
  MAr   573   2014-03-26
  Tony   435   2010-11-02
  Big Nate   150   2010-10-27
  Tomoose   58   2013-03-07
  Guest   35   2010-12-15
  Dustin   28   2013-05-24
  Dustin   18   2013-05-24
  vinyll   15   2013-07-21
  Dustin   13   2013-05-24
  Guest   9   2012-03-18


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