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The Pirate's Treasure is a puzzle game where you need to swap symbols so you can connect at least three identical items either horizontally or vertically.

The Pirate's Treasure - Game Instructions
The objective of this game is to swap symbols to connect at least three identical items horizontally or vertically. Time is running against you. Each time you connect three or more symbols, your points are added to the timer. When the timer bar is full, the next level begins. When you have completed a puzzle you can submit your final game score to our Top 10 high score list.

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Top 15 Players

  Player Name   Player Score   Date
  Samih Ibrahim   68525   2011-09-16
  Volko   63140   2010-03-15
  Volko   62695   2010-05-26
  koreannn   62025   2010-01-04
  Volko   58920   2010-05-12
  Volko   57095   2010-06-08
  Volko   52180   2010-05-11
  Volko   46635   2010-02-11
  Terry Luster   44655   2013-08-21
  Volko   44540   2010-03-18
  Guest   40925   2011-12-19
  Volko   38155   2010-05-10
  Volko   37940   2010-05-21
  Volko   37675   2010-03-24
  Volko   37650   2010-06-07

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