RTHK: Trump puts faith in Hope for election year
Hope Hicks, one of President Donald Trump's most trusted and longest-serving aides, is returning to the White House as his re-election campaign moves into high gear.

Hicks will be a counsellor to the president, working with his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

She will not be part of the White House communications department, but will work closely with Kushner and White House political director Brian Jack “in a number of strategic areas” a White House official confirmed. She is expected to start early next month.

Hicks, who was one of Trump's original 2016 campaign staffers and moved with him to Washington after he won, had served as White House communications director before leaving in 2018. She moved to California, where she joined the Fox Corporation as executive vice president and chief communications officer.

Her reappointment comes a week after a newly embolden Trump was acquitted by the Senate on impeachment charges approved by the Democratic-controlled House. Since then, he's has been purging his administration of officials involved in his impeachment inquiry. At the same time, he is working to surround himself with people he believes he can trust.

A former model who had worked for Ivanka Trump in New York, Hicks has always had the president's ear, and never criticised him in public. She was part of the small inner circle that traversed the country with Trump aboard his private jet as he waged his unlikely campaign for the Republican nomination and then the presidency in 2015 and 2016. (AP)

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