Hong Kong: Disabled staff subsidy raised

The Social Welfare Department today announced that the maximum level of support under the Support Programme for Employees with Disabilities (SPED) for each employee with disabilities has been raised to $40,000 with immediate effect.

A more flexible approach will also be adopted in processing the applications to help match the needs of these employees, the department said.

The department launched the SPED in 2013 to provide employers with a one-off subsidy for each employee with disabilities so that they could procure assistive devices or workplace modifications.

The Po Leung Kuk has been commissioned to serve as the SPED administrator and assists in administering and promoting the SPED.

The support programme is open for application year-round.

For enquiries, contact the Po Leung Kuk SPED Office by phone at 3980 9677, by fax at 3980 9633 or by email.

For more information, click here.

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