Hong Kong: 11.5k property sector workers tested

Under the Community Testing of COVID-19 for Frontline Property Management Workers, 11,500 tests have been completed, the Home Affairs Department announced today.

The department explained that it launched the free COVID-19 testing service to safeguard the health of frontline property management workers, security and cleansing workers and the public.

As of today, around 42,000 sample containers have been distributed to frontline property management workers and over 12,500 have been collected for testing.

The target beneficiaries of the service are the around 100,000 frontline property management workers serving private residential, commercial, industrial and composite buildings.

Other beneficiaries include more than 60,000 frontline property management workers serving buildings under different government departments, the Housing Authority and the Housing Society.

To expedite the conduct of the testing, the department will first co-ordinate, through the Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies and the Hong Kong Services Trade Alliance, the property management companies tasked with arranging their frontline property management workers to participate in the service.

Regarding property management service contractors engaged by government departments, the Housing Authority, the Housing Society and the Home Affairs department will contact them later on the details of the testing services.

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