Hong Kong: Intangible cultural heritage revamp

After a large-scale revamp of exhibitions, the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre will be fully open to the public from November 3. The new Lost & Sound - Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage exhibition series will also be launched to showcase folk craftsmanship and the vibrancy of folk culture in Hong Kong.

Featuring about 40 Hong Kong intangible cultural heritage items, one of the major attractions in the exhibition is a wall displaying 25 lion head paper crafts, showing step by step how the artworks are made.

The lion head paper crafts were made by master Hui Ka-hung and his team. He said since the displayed lion heads’ exhibits are smaller than the usual ones used for lion dance displays, every step of crafting requires patience and attention to detail.

Another highlight exhibit is the flower board. Traditional flower boards for festivals and celebration are usually two-dimensional, while in the exhibition, the board is three-dimensional. Another characteristic is that the flower board on display shows traditional calligraphy, which nowadays has been replaced by computer printing.

The guest curator of the exhibition Stanley Siu said some of the exhibits were intended to be on display without showcases.

“Usually you come to the museum, most of the objects or artifacts are within a showcase. But this time I would like to let the visitors to directly engage with the artworks or the installations, therefore we removed the glass. Instead people can really (look in) detail.”

Intangible Cultural Heritage Office Curator Ng Chi-wo said the revamp of exhibitions aims to include more interesting displays and installations for the public to enjoy

“We would like to use this revamp to introduce to the public from a very innovative and creative perspective about the vibrant intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong.”

For more details of the exhibition, please visit the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office's website.

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