Interactive Online Marketplace & Business Discussion Forum Launches

Marketing Forums has announced the launch of its online marketplace and business forums ( ). Unlike many other online marketing discussion boards, Marketing Forums provides not only a place to do business, but also a place where business owners can share their knowledge about business and marketing related issues.

“We are aware about hundreds of similar forums, but still we have decided to give it a go because we believe something is missing ‘out there’. A well known issue when operating a forum is spammers and people who just register to post their ads. On the other side, we understand that many people are not interested in joining a community and just want to get the word out about their latest products. This is why we have launched Marketing Forums – we want to offer a place where business owners can just place their ad without any restrictions like for example ‘you need 10 posts to access our marketplace’ or even ‘please buy 5 credits via Paypal to start posting’. Marketing Forums was created for people who enjoy a friendly community, but also for pure marketers who just want to get the word out.”, Mr. Weber (Owner) said.

“We do not believe that limiting someone’s post abilities will actually stop them from posting their ads. If someone really wants to post their ads, they will do it – no matter what. Looking at some of the largest forums I noticed that limitations simply result in more spam, because new members will just post replies like for example ‘I agree’ to get their post count up, and then continue posting their ads. The result: nine spam posts more, just because someone wanted to post their ads”, Mr. Weber (Owner) added.

The site covers:
+ Business Discussions
+ Domain Name Discussions
+ Web Hosting Discussions
+ Search Engines & Ranking
+ Categorized Online Marketplace

The future will tell if there is demand for such a marketplace or not. Until then, the idea of creating an uncomplicated place where business owners can buy, sell and trade sounds worth a shot.

Marketing Forums was launched in April 2008 and provides a place where small business owners can discuss marketing and business related issues. The site covers topics such as domain names, web hosting, legal issues, marketing, search engines and related topics.

Published on: 2008-04-19

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