Draft genome sequence of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis

Hevea brasiliensis, a member of the Euphorbiaceae family, is the major commercial source of natural rubber (NR). NR is a latex polymer with high elasticity, flexibility, and resilience that has played a critical role in the world economy since 1876.

Results: Here, we report the draft genome sequence of H.

brasiliensis. The assembly spans ~1.1 Gb of the estimated 2.15 Gb haploid genome.

Overall, ~78% of the genome was identified as repetitive DNA. Gene prediction shows 68,955 gene models, of which 12.7% are unique to Hevea.

Most of the key genes associated with rubber biosynthesis, rubberwood formation, disease resistance, and allergenicity have been identified.

Conclusions: The knowledge gained from this genome sequence will aid in the future development of high-yielding clones to keep up with the ever increasing need for natural rubber.

Author: Ahmad Yamin RahmanAbhilash O UsharrajBiswapriya B MisraGincy P ThottathilKandakumar JayasekaranYun FengShaobin HouSu Yean OngFui Ling NgLing Sze LeeHock Siew TanMuhd Khairul SakaffBeng Soon TehBee Feong KhooSiti Suriawati BadaiNurohaida Ab AzizAnt

Published on: 2013-02-02

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