Practical remediation of the PCB-contaminated soils

A practical method for the elimination of PCBs from PCB-contaminated soil has been developed by the combination of Soxhlet extraction using a newly-developed modified Soxhlet extractor possessing an outlet valve on the extraction chamber with the chemical degradation. Various types of PCBs contaminated in soils could be completely extracted in refluxing hexane, and the subsequent hydrodechlorination could also be completed within 1?h in a hexane?MeOH (1 : 5) solution in the presence of Pd/C and Et3N under ordinary hydrogen pressure and temperature without the transfer of the extracted PCBs to other reaction container (a complete one-pot procedure).

The present system is quite useful as a simple, safe, mild and reliable remediation method of PCB-contaminated soil.

Published on: 2015-02-11

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