Social Network Buddylist Launches - A New Safe And Anynomous Facebook and Twitter Alternative

Springfield, Illinois – United States – Buddylist Social Networks, an established leader in private and non-invasive social networking, today announced the launch of a their new social platform Buddylist, which is safe alternative to Facebook and Twitter where users privacy is paramount. The network can be accesses using the link below.

According to Buddylist Founder Josh Dufer, the social platform is live. In addition, registration is free. Every person that registers remains anonymous because the company does not collect or keep personal or private user data. The social site can be accredited to being the most safe online social media site available.

"Our company got sick and tired of seeing social networks that sold user data, made it public, and used it to allow advertisers to target their users," stated Mr. Dufer. “That led our company to create Buddylist. We wanted to provide a social platform experience that worked like the larger social networks, including many similar features, but without collecting personal or private date or pushing advertisements at users every where they went on the site. Buddylist, our employees believe, is the safest and most non-invasive social platform available today,” Mr. Dufer added.

Mr. Dufer believes that users will be able to flourish in this type of safe online network. Plus, he strongly believes that the safety, in addition with ease of use of the site and its features, will allow the user base to flourish and connect in a more genuine fashion. Some of the sites main features include the following.

Play games
Create and like pages
Create and join groups
Create a blog
Watch, post, and share videos
Post, view, and share photos
Create memes using the meme maker
Create badges using the badge maker
Create events
Create gifs
Video chat via Buddylist
Apps like police scanner, prank dialer, and weather
Make new friends from all over the world

More About Buddylist

The Buddylist Social Network project was originally started in July of 2010 but ran out of funding within the first month of starting. The project was put on hold until late October 2014. Founder Josh Dufer & Co Founder Nicklaus Brodbeck continued the project due to the fact of the privacy issues going on with most other social networks. Buddylist may not be able to put an end to the privacy issues with other social networks, but it can give users an option to be free from it. Buddylist lets you still have fun without taking your privacy & freedom of speech.

The companies mission is, “Buddylist is a community that doesn't invade their users privacy. Buddylist believes a social network should be about staying connected with friends, family, and having fun. At Buddylist wants its users to have fun without loosing their privacy and freedom of speech. Buddylist is everything that a social network should be without all the commercial money making schemes. Also Buddylist does not sell any of their users data to any one, and does not even ask the user to provide their real info. The Buddylist Social Network just wants all their members to have fun and enjoy the platform.”

To learn more about Buddylist, you should visit them online at or


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Buddy List Social Network
Attention: Josh Dufer
Springfield, Illinois

Published on: 2015-08-06

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