The effect of IFN-γand TGF-βin the functional activity of mononuclear cells in the presence of Entamoeba histolytica

Entamoeba histolytica (E. histolytica) causes amoebiasis, which is a disease with significant morbidity and mortality.

Phagocytic cells and cytokines appear to be important in amoebiasis, but very little is known about the influence of these cells and cytokines in protozoan infections. The aim of this study was to analyse the supernatant of cultures of mononuclear (MN) cells with E.

histolytica to determine: 1) the levels of the cytokines IFN-γand TGF-β, and 2) the amoebicidal activity of MN cells after incubation with cytokines.

Methods: Blood samples were collected from 30 volunteer donors. The cytokine concentrations in MN cells culture supernatants, superoxide release, leukophagocytosis, amoebicide activity, intracellular calcium release and apoptosis were analysed.

Results: The IFN-γconcentrations were 6.22 ± 0.36 and TGF-βconcentrations were 17.01 ± 2.21 in cells-trophozoite culture supernatants.

MN cells, independently of cytokines, in the presence of amoeba increase the superoxide release. In the absence of cytokines, the ingestion of MN cells by amoebae was higher.

In the presence of IFN- γor TGF- β, a lower ingestion of MN cells was observed by amoebae. MN cells treated with cytokines exhibited higher amoebicide and apoptosis indexes.

The incubation of cytokines increased the intracellular calcium release by MN cells.

Conclusions: These results suggest that cytokines play a beneficial role for the host by activating MN cells against E. histolytica.

The increased death of amoebae during the leukophagocytosis suggests that both cytokines (IFN-γand TGF-β) can modulate the functional activity of MN cells and that these cytokines probably are important in the control of amoebic infections.

Published on: 2015-08-07

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