”Veiled Alliances” Bushi-Go Will Change How You Think About Mobile Entertainment

What is “Confrontation at the Prism Palace”?
It’s the pilot episode of an animated serial adaptation of Veiled Alliances, the novella by best-selling science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, set in his Saga of Seven Suns universe. The 6-minute animated "appisode" is enclosed in an app, and it’s optimized for viewing on mobile devices The cast features the voices of Robert Picardo, known to sci-fi fans as the Doctor in “Star Trek Voyager”, and Kyle Hebert, known to anime fans as the English voice of Gohan in “Dragonball Z”.

Why Will It Rock Our World?
“Confrontation at the Prism Palace” uses the interactivity of mobile devices to create a new form of delivering entertainment. We used the Unreal video game engine to drive the animation, so you’ll get the depth of a 3D environment in which you can move the camera angle around to suit your taste and curiosity without interrupting the action. In future episodes, you will be able to add story depth and access the main characters’ innermost thoughts in real time through Bushi-go's unique "subtext engine".

How Do I Get It?
“Confrontation at the Prism Palace” will be available through the iOS App Store and Google Play in September 2015, as a free download. Subsequent episodes will sell for $1 each.

Who Is Bushi-Go? And What Do They Want With Us?
Bushi-go is a mobile app developer on a never-ending quest to find the perfect fusion between game play and narrative. Right now, they’re looking for it in episodic content that can be delivered through mobile devices.

Co-Founders Kimberly Unger and Douglas Sun each hold almost 20 years of experience in tabletop and digital game development. Kimberly has written two highlyregarded textbooks on mobile game programming. Douglas has designed and developed for tabletop RPGs, and his work has been nominated for an Origins Award.

All they want is 10 minutes of your time....


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Bushi-go, Inc.
San Mateo, CA

Published on: 2015-08-13

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