Animal Rescue Aid, an Animal Rescue Support Organization, Announces the Launch of New Website

Atlanta, Georgia, United States - Animal Rescue Aid, an established leader in raising funds and resources for animal shelters and rescue groups, launches their new website today to be a portal for animal lovers to purchase products for their own pets and at the same time support animal shelters and rescue groups in dire need of supplies.

Visitors will also be able to use the site to donate money, physical resources, and connect with pet friendly organizations. The goal of Animal Rescue Aid is to obtain $100,000 in donations in the 1st year following the launch of this new website. The website can be accesses using the link below.

According to Animal Rescue Aid Founder, Tracey French, the website is live!

"We are very pleased with the look, feel, and usability of our new website," said French. "Our visitors will now be able to learn more about what we do, how we help shelters in need, and how they can help. We are especially excited that the new website makes it so easy for the public to participate in our National Pet Bed Donation Programô because a pet bed can make the difference between life and death in a shelter for pets,Ē added French.

According to the ASPCA, each year, approximately†2.7 million pets are euthanized (1.2 million dogs†and†1.4 million†cats). Part of the reason for high numbers of euthanization is because
shelters are typically very noisy and highly chaotic environments. Itís well-known that this environment causes added anxiety for these already stressed pets. They often pace endlessly, become depressed, express psychological distress and, sadly, donít always get an opportunity to show their best selves when potential families come looking for pets. This causes challenges for adoption. However, a small thing, such as a pet bed can help a pet get adopted.

A simple pet bed not only offers immediate comfort, it reduces the stress and anxiety level for a pet, helping to bring out their true personality to prospective adopters (often the difference between life and euthanization in a shelter). For this reason, the keystone program of Animal Rescue Aid is their National Pet Bed Donation Programô.

On the website, visitors will be able to do several things to aid the organizationís cause. Visitors will learn about the many ways to contribute towards helping shelters, which includes an extension of the pet bed donation program called buy one give one (BOGO), where for every bed a pet owner buys for their own pet, they can donate one to a shelter. Visitors will also be able to contribute to combo packages that include pet beds and pet bed covers and also pet crates.

In addition to these programs, potential donors can participate in the Forgotten Shelters Programô where they can donate cash to various community shelters that donít routinely receive financial support for much needed supplies. Visitors can learn about groups Animal Rescue Aid partners with, how to join the organization, sign up for newsletters, contact the organization, and view pictures of pets the company has helped through its various programs. All donations are tax deductible, and Animal Rescue Aid covers the cost of shipping items to shelters and rescues.

More About Animal Rescue Aid

Founded in 2008, Animal Rescue Aid started with one person and one purpose, to provide much needed support to non-profit organizations on the frontline of animal rescue by raising funds, securing resources and building awareness on their behalf. Animal Rescue Aid believes in the No Kill Movement and that every loving pet is worth saving and deserves the best efforts to give them that second chance where possible.

To date, Animal Rescue Aid has provided pet beds to over 1,500 rescue groups and shelters across the nation. They have been providing pet beds and shipping them to shelters and rescues at cost through their National Pet Bed Donation Programô. In 2010, Tracey French started the National Pet Crate Donation Programô to continue assisting shelters and rescues with their life saving rescue work. With the launch of the Forgotten Shelter Programô and new Animal Rescue Aid website, Tracey is looking forward to opening up these programs and more options to help shelters in need to the public so that as many sheltered animals as possible get a second chance at life. To learn more about Animal Rescue Aid, call 770-355-1763 or visit them online at


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Animal Rescue Aid
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Published on: 2015-09-28

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