Virtual Reality Crowdfunding Project to Clone the World's Best Teachers to Greatly Improve the World's Educational System

Santa Cruz, CA Michael Mathiesen, a well-known Science writer, and virtual reality programmer has setup a Crowdfunding website where anyone can help launch the world's highest and best use of Virtual Reality Technology - one-to-one learning for any student with the world's best teachers.

"If you have attended any institution of higher learning in the last few years, you know that you will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition and book fees. You will find yourself unable to get into classes that are required in your chosen field due to over-crowding. You will be wait-listed on many courses. Once you do get in to your preferred classes, you will find yourself in an auditorium of 500 or more students. The professor in charge of your curriculum is not in attendance and instead a kid not much more knowledgable than you - a 'Teaching Assistant' is suddenly trying to give you your lectures," Said, Michael Mathiesen a Science writer living in Santa Cruz, California. "The colleges and universities today are trying to make millions of dollars off their students and they do so by making their product much less valuable and raising their costs astronomically."

The days of the really good deal of public schools has vanished in America due to the shortfalls that many state governments have suffered recently due to the declining economy. Also, with the new global competition, colleges and universities have found that they can charge twice as much for an American education from Chinese and Indian students because the educational opportunities in their own countries are extremely limited.

Because of this need to make money and the global competition for a traditional American education prices have soared and the quality of education has plummetted. Most of our college graduates are graduating from a four-year college in debt by almost a quarter million dollars and unable to perform any real functions in the job market and have to be trained at the entry levels in most industries.

"There is a solution and the solution may come from the new technology of 'Virtual Reality' because we can now identify the world's best teachers in any given subject and the re-produce this person's lectures, lab notes, quizzes and even his or her personal teaching style and students everywhere in the world simply strap on their Virtual Reality helmets and suddenly experience the one-to-one personal tutoring and instruction never even dreamed of before." Mr. Mathiesen stated.

The crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo will start the country off in the right direction to a new educational system where only the most competent teachers are doing the teaching.

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Media Contact:
Michael Mathiesen
444 Meder St ., Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 420-0107

Published on: 2017-01-10

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