Networked iterative learning control for discrete-time systems with stochastic packet dropouts in input and output channels

The paper develops a derivative-type (D-type) networked iterative learning control (NILC) scheme for repetitive discrete-time systems with packet dropouts stochastically occurred in input and output communication channels. The scheme generates the sequential recursive-mode control inputs by mending the dropped instant-wise output with the synchronous desired output, while it drives the plant by refreshing the dropped instant-wise control input with the used consensus-instant control input at the previous iteration.

By adopting statistic technique, the convergences of the developed NILC scheme for linear and nonlinear systems are derived, respectively. The derivations present that under certain conditions the mathematical expectations of the stochastic tracking errors in the sense of 1-norm converge to zero.

Numerical simulations exhibit the effectiveness and validity.

Published on: 2017-02-18

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