Innova-Con 4.0 Conference: Innovation Science on a Global Scale March 29-31, Washington DC

HOUSTON/WASHINGTON DC - Not having or using the right tools for any particular task means the task turns out poorly... if it ever turns out at all!

Innova-Con 4.0, the global conference for professionals in the field of Innovation Science, takes place in Washington DC March 29, 30 and 31 and brings together some of the leading names in the world on the subject of Innovation in business, community and government.

Innova-Con 4.0 is a product of the International Association of Innovation Professionals ( is the only non-profit association and certifying body that provides a global collaboration and communication network as well as Innovation certification for those specializing in the Innovation process within business, government and the non-profit world.

The event, hosted by Booz Allen Hamilton in their Active Innovation Center, comprises general sessions plus workshops, exam review and space to take the IAOIP Innovation Certification exams.

"The word 'innovation' is a tricky one as it's so overused," admits IAOIP president and Innova-Con 4.0 panelist Dr. Brett Trusko. IAOIP was founded when too many CEOs called asking for how to measure if someone has the skills/tools to deliver in Innovation. They said they know what a CPA and a Six Sigma Black Belt are (but) what's the equivalent for Innovation? When it comes to an organization, reckless Innovation can result in failure...of a job, of a product, a project or even a company or agency. Companies and government have been ardent supporters of this certification, ongoing collaboration and training, so much so that most are enabling their employees to use training and education funds to attend the event."

IAOIP's Innovation certifications follow ISO standards and are created and evolve with input from experts and IAOIP members across the globe. Collaborative meetings like Innova-Con 4.0 allow for individuals and organizations charged with Innovation to gain the proper tools to drive effective Innovation, network with those who are like-minded and may be facing similar challenges in order to make intelligent, well-researched decisions.

Innova-Con 4.0's three-day agenda includes dozens of workshops, panels and breakouts led by global experts in Innovation especially focused on creating positive change through informed and thoughtful Innovation. Also included are exam review and exam taking opportunities for certification exams on site.

Although Innova-Con was initially created to serve IAOIP's 900 members (representing some 50 countries) it is open via pre-registration to all individuals interested in learning more about Innovation Science through a group dynamic and taking one of the Innovation Certification Exams.

For more information about Innova-Con 4.0 and to pre-register for the event please see For more information about IAOIP, membership and the Innovation Science certification process, please see

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Notes to Media: A limited number of seats at Innova-Con 4.0 workshops are open to qualified media with advance notice and registration.

A finalized list of guest speakers and both pre-event and event interviews are available with Innova-Con 4.0 experts by contacting The Zephyr Group, (505) 466-2770,

Published on: 2017-03-15

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