The Solution to the War on Waste Is Right on Our Doorstep

For too long now the war on food waste has been focused on supermarkets. It’s time to widen the focus so everyone can participate in the war on waste.

The founder of Spare Harvest, Helen Andrew was inspired to start her online community when she realised how much waste she had. “In my own garden, I personally have dug a big hole in the ground and buried 100’s of fresh juicy mandarins. It was a bloody waste when I know some of my neighbours were still going to the shops to purchase their week old fruit” said Helen. “There had to be a better way”.

In the process of finding a better way, Helen realised there was more than produce wasted in her garden. “I had a good look in my kitchen and backyard and knew there was much more I could share. I had egg shells, leftover pots, plants, seeds and tools that I no longer needed or didn’t need all the time. I wanted to find them a new home.”

According to statistics published by Foodwise:

Australian’s discard up to 20% of the food they purchase, equating to 1 in every 5 bags of groceries they buy.

Aussies throw out $8,000,000,000 worth of edible food every year. Of that 33% is fresh food and 27% is leftovers.

When food waste rots in landfill, it produces a greenhouse gas called methane. This gas is 25x more potent than the carbon dioxide that comes from our cars.

When we throw away food, other resources like water, fuel and time that is used to produce the food is also wasted.

“As a gardener and consumer the statistics around waste are frightening. Although much is done to reduce our waste footprint, more can be done.” says Helen.

Spare Harvest connects all community stakeholders so they can share what they no longer need in their kitchens and gardens. They don’t need to provide for themselves alone, but they can access their neighbours backyards to supplement what they currently grow, borrow tools, swap plants and share knowledge.

For further information on how Spare Harvest can connect gardeners in their community, contact Helen Andrew on 0414834574 or

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Published on: 2017-05-17

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