Energy Saving for All 2017 Campaign launched

Hong Kong (HKSAR) -      The Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department are jointly holding the Energy Saving for All Campaign again this year to promote energy saving in all sectors to combat climate change.

     Officiating at the launching ceremony of the Energy Saving for All 2017 Campaign today (May 18), the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, said that it is necessary to promote green building and energy saving initiatives. The Government has launched Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2030+ and announced the new carbon emission reduction target to reduce Hong Kong's carbon intensity by 65 to 70 per cent by 2030 as compared with the 2005 level, which is equivalent to an absolute reduction of 26 to 36 per cent and resulting in per capita emission of 3.3 to 3.8 tonnes in 2030.

     "To achieve this target, the Government is taking multi-pronged measures to reduce emissions and save energy, but we also need the support of the community," Mr Wong said. He called on various sectors to actively participate in the Energy Saving for All 2017 Campaign and work together for the environment.

     The Energy Saving for All 2017 Campaign comprises the Energy Saving Charter 2017, the 4Ts Charter, the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2017 and the Award Presentation Ceremony of the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2016.

     Details are as follows:

* Energy Saving Charter 2017
     Over the past decade, the annual electricity consumption of air-conditioning in Hong Kong accounted for about 30 per cent of total power consumption, with electricity expenditure amounting to over $10 billion each year.

The Government launched the Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature in 2012 and invited the building and property management sectors to sign up to the Charter by pledging to maintain the average indoor temperature at their premises between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius during the mid-summer months of June to September to reduce electricity consumption on air-conditioning. For the Energy Saving Charter 2017 launched this year, the invitation list has been expanded to include restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more to engage staff and students to adopt the energy saving practices together. Apart from calling for the maintenance of the appropriate indoor temperature, last year's Charter also included new pledges for switching off appliances when not in use and procuring energy-efficient appliances.

This year, over 3 300 organisations have signed up to the Charter, comprising 152 shopping malls, 335 office/commercial/industrial buildings, 1 080 residential buildings and housing estates, 862 offices, 293 shops/restaurants/supermarkets, 262 premises of non-governmental organisations or community facilities, 189 kindergartens/primary schools/secondary schools/post-secondary education institutions, 44 hotels, 32 hospitals and 59 other organisations.

* 4Ts Charter
     Launched this year, the 4Ts Charter aims to promote energy saving by following the 4Ts of "target", "timeline", "transparency" and "together": setting a target with a timeline, ensuring transparency to track the energy saving result, and encouraging people to work together on the energy saving target. Up to now, over 1 000 premises have pledged to join the Charter.

* Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2017
     This scheme aims to give recognition to exemplary organisations with outstanding performance in the application, planning and promotion of energy saving, so as to encourage businesses to work together to save energy. The Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2017 is a continuation of last year's scheme.

Its coverage is extended to commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, offices, shops/restaurants/supermarkets, non-governmental organisations and kindergartens. In addition, elements of the 4Ts have been incorporated into this year's assessment criteria, with a view to engaging more organisations from different sectors to take the lead to set an energy saving target with a timeline, and share their existing and planned energy saving measures, thereby promoting concerted efforts among the industries in energy saving. 

* Award Presentation Ceremony of Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2016
     A total of 279 premises participated in the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2016 launched last year. The winning organisations will take the lead to promote energy saving among the industries by sharing their exemplary experience in seminars, and uploading their energy saving measures to the "Energy Saving for All" website for publicity and sharing.

     For details of the Energy Saving for All 2017 Campaign, please visit the thematic website:">

Published on: 2017-05-18

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