Roger Sayegh: A Brief History of Bail Bonds

In the US every person who is arrested has the right to ask for bail. A judge determines if bail will be granted and how much it will be. A bail bonds company can post bail for the person.

The bail system here got its start in the Middle Ages in England. The English parliament passed the Habeas Corpus Act, guaranteeing the right of an arrested person to ask for bail. This was later a part of the US Constitutition in Amendment 6 of the Bill of Rights.

“You have the right to ask for bail. But the court system can deny bail, based on your crime, whether you may run away and your risk of committing another crime while out of jail,” said Roger Sayegh, owner of Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds in LA. “The vast majority of the time, bail is granted.”

The next major change in the system came in 1966 when Congress passed the Bail Reform Act. This requires bail be as reasonable as possible for the accused person. The idea was to let people out of jail so they could keep their job, tend to their family and other responsibilities while their case moved through the court system.

“Congress said it was just wrong to keep a person in jail, especially when they were not convicted of a crime, because bail was set too high,” Mr. Sayegh said. “Even so, many people still could not afford the bail the judge set. That’s where bail bondsmen came in.”

A bail bond company, like Roger Sayegh Bail Bonds, posts bail for someone who is arrested. The accused person pays a small percentage of the bail to the bondsman. Then, the person is released from jail.

“State law sets the fee an arrested person has to pay. So you can go to any bail bonds company and pay the exact same amount,” he said. “The difference is how you are treated by the bail bonds company. We work with you or your family to get you out of jail as soon a possible. Our customer service is simply the best.”

For more information about bail bonds, visit or call (844) 224-9991.

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Published on: 2017-11-11

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