LCQ9: Drugs provided by Hospital Authority

Hong Kong (HKSAR) -      Following is a question by the Dr Hon Fernando Cheung and a written reply by the Secretary for Food and Health, Professor Sophia Chan, in the Legislative Council today (November 29):

     In the Policy Address she delivered last month, the Chief Executive mentioned that the Government and the Hospital Authority agreed to extend the scope of the assistance programme to provide subsidies for specific drug treatments for patients with special clinical needs according to individual circumstances, including subsidising suitable patients to participate in compassionate programmes on the use of drugs of individual pharmaceutical companies. In this connection, will the Government inform this Council of the following information in respect of each of the drugs listed below which are used for treating patients with uncommon diseases: (i) its indications, (ii) whether it has been registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, (iii) whether it is listed in the Drug Formulary of the Hospital Authority; if so, (iv) of the category in the Formulary to which it belongs (i.e. General Drug, Special Drug,Self-financed Item with Safety Net, Self-financed Item without Safety Net); if not, (v) whether the Government or the Hospital Authority has subsidised suitable patients to participate in the compassionate programmes on the use of that drug (set out in the table below)?  
Name of drugs (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)

2. Afinitor 2.5mg Tablets          
3. Afinitor 5mg Tablets          

Agrylin 0.5mg Capsules
5. Aldurazyme 2.9mg/5ml          
6. Aldurazyme Concentrated Solution          

Ammonul Injection 50ml
8. Anagrelide 0.5mg Cap.          
9. Antivenin Of D.Russellii          

Asadin Inj. 1mg/ml (Arsenic Trioxide)
11. Asadin Inj.

1mg/ml 10ml
12. Betaferon Inj. 0.3mg/2ml/vial          

Betaine HCL Withpepsin Cap.
14. Bh4 (Tetrahydro-Biopterin Tablets) 10mg          
15. Buphenyl Tab.

16. Carbaglu Tablets 200mg          
17. Carnitene 1g Chewable Tablets        

Carnitene 1gm Tab (Levocanitine Chew Tab 1gm/tab)
19. Carnitene Inj. 1gm          

Carnitene Injection 1g/5ml
21. Cartnitene 1gm Tab.          
22. Cerezyme          

Cerezyme 400 Units (Imiglucerase)
24. Cerezyme 400u          
25. Cerezyme Inj.          

Copaxone 20mg Solution For Injection
27. Copaxone 20mg/ml, Pre- Filled Syringe For Injection          
28. Copaxone Inj.

29. Cycloserine 250mg Cap.          
30. Cystadane Powder For Oral Sol'N 1gm/scoopful (Betaine Anhydrous)          

Cystagon Cap. 150mg
32. Dantrolene 20mg IV          

Dilantin 30mg Cap.
34. Dimaval Capsules          
35. Dimaval Injection Solution          

Dimersu Capsules 200mg
37. Elaprase (Idursulfase) Injection          
38. Elaprase (Idursulfase) Solution For Intravenous Infusion 2mg/ml 6mg/vial          

Fabrazyme 35mg Inj.
40. Flolan Inj.          
41. Flolan Injection 0.5mg          

Flolan Injection Epoprostenol 0.5mg 500mcg
43. Gilenya Hard Capsules 0.5mg          
44. Glatiramer Acetate (Copaxo Ne) 20mg Solution For Injection, Pre-Filled Syringe          

46. Ilomedin-20 Inj.          
47. Imukin Inj.          

Increlex 10mg/ml 4ml
49. Increlex 10mg/ml 5ml          
50. Kelfer Capsules 250mg          

Kelfer Capsules 500mg
52. K-Phos No.2 (Beach Pharmaceuticals)          
53. Kuvan Tablets          

L-Arginine Hcl Inj. 30ml/vial
55. Levocarnitin Oral Solution          

Lysodren Tab.
57. Metalite 250 Capsules          
58. Myozyme 50mg Inj.          

Naglazyme Inj. 5mg/5ml/vial (Gal Sulfase)
60. Nitoman Tablet 25mg          

Normosang 25mg/ml Concentrate For Solution For Infusion
62. Normosang Inj. (Human Hemin 25mg/ml 10ml/amp)          

Ocarnit "Shiner" Injection 1g/5ml
64. Opsumit Film Coated Tablets 10mg          
65. Orfadin Cap.

66. Phenbuty 500mg Tablets          
67. Phosphate Solution          

Proglycem 50mg/ml 30ml/bot.
69. Provigil          
70. Provigil Tablets 200mg          

Rebif Inj 22mcg
72. Rebif Inj 44mcg          
73. Rebif Inj.

74. Rebif Inj. 6miu          

Rebif Solution For Injection 132 Micrograms (36miu)
76. Remodulin Inj. 1.0mg/ml 20ml          

Remodulin Inj. 5.0mg/ml 20ml
78. Replagal 3.5mg Inj.          

Replagal Img/ml Concentration For Solution For 1mg/ml Infusion
80. Sodium Benzoate Cap. 250mg          

Soliris Injection
82. Stimol (Citrulline 1gm/10ml/sachet)          
83. Stimol Oral Solution 1g/10ml          

Sucraid Oral Solution
85. Syprine (Trientine Hcl 250mg/cap.)          
86. Tetrahydro-Biopterin (Bh4) 10mg Cap.          

Tetrahydro-Biopterin (Bh4) 50mg
88. Thado Capsules 50mg          
89. Thyrogen Inj.          

Tobi Nebulizer Solution (Tobramycin) 300mg/5ml/amp
91. Tracleer 62.5mg Film-Coated Tablets          
92. Tracleer125mg Film-Coated Tablets          

Trientine Dihydrochloride 300mg/cap.
94. Tysabri Solution For Infusion 300mg/15ml/vial (Natalizumab)          
95. Ucephan Oral Solution 100ml/bot.          

97. Ventavis Nebuliser Solution 20mcg          
98. Vesanoid Soft Gelatin Capsules 10mg          

Volibris F.C. Tablet 10mg
100. Volibris F.C.

Tablet 5mg
101. Volibris Film-Coated Tablets 10mg          
102. Volibris Film-Coated Tablets 5mg          

Votubia 2.5 Mg Tablets
104. Votubia 5 Mg Tablets          
105. VSL#3 450 Billion Bacteria/packet          

Wilizin Capsules 25mg
107. Wilizin Capsules 50mg          
108. Xenazine 12.5mg          

Xenazine 25mg
110. Zadaxin Inj.          
111. Zavesca Capsules 100mg          

Zinc Acetate 25mg/cap.
113. Zinc Acetate 50mg/cap.          
114. Zinca Capsules 25mg          

Zinca Capsules 50mg

     The Government and the Hospital Authority (HA) place high importance on providing optimal care for all patients and ensuring the use of public resources in the fairest and most effective way, with a view to assuring patients an equitable access to safe, efficacious and cost-effective drugs under the highly subsidised public healthcare system.

     List of pharmaceutical products registered in Hong Kong has been uploaded on the website of">the Department of Health's Drug Office.

     The HA has implemented the Drug Formulary (HADF) since 2005 with a view to ensuring equitable access by patients to cost-effective drugs of proven safety and efficacy through standardisation of drug policy and drug utilisation in all public hospitals and clinics. At present, the HADF covers around 1 300 drugs. Full version of the HADF is available at">the HA's website. Drugs in the HADF are categorised into the following four groups:
  1. General Drugs;
  2. Special Drugs;
  3. Self-financed Items (SFIs) with Safety Net; and
  4. SFIs without Safety Net.
     The HA has an established mechanism under which experts will evaluate new drugs regularly and determine whether a drug should be included in the HADF. The evaluation and review processes follow an evidence-based approach, having regard to the three principal considerations of safety, efficacy and cost‐effectiveness while taking into account other relevant factors, including international recommendations and practices, advance in technology, disease state, patient compliance, quality of life, actual experience in the use of drugs as well as views of professionals and patient groups.
     Besides, the Government provides needy patients with subsidy, through the First Phase Programme of the Community Care Fund (CCF) Medical Assistance Programmes, to purchase specified self-financed cancer drugs which have not yet been brought into the Samaritan Fund but have been rapidly accumulating medical scientific evidence and with relatively higher efficacy. With the advancement of medical technologies, new drugs including those for treating uncommon disorders appear in the market but they are ultra-expensive.

In view of this, the Government and the HA implemented the CCF Medical Assistance Programme – "Subsidy for Eligible Patients to Purchase Ultra-expensive Drugs (Including Those for Treating Uncommon Disorders)" in August 2017 to provide financial assistance for needy patients. Information about drug items supported by the above two programmes is available on">the HA's website.

Published on: 2017-11-29

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