Michelle Obama to Attend Weight Loss Retreat in Bali?

There has been a lot more information surfacing recently that Michelle Obama intends on flying back to Bali to attend the weight loss retreat in Bali headed by speculated good friend, Sophie Jones.

Sophie had her start hosting retreats in North America, in the Cancun area of Mexico and Costa Rica. It is said that, “Michelle was at a retreat that I attended in Mexico and it was one of Sophie’s retreats for love and kindness” one of Sophie Jones retreat-goers told us in an interview.

While it is all speculation at this point and no one can say for sure where Michelle will attend or not, many are hopeful for example Jessica Peterson who has been to many of Sophie’s retreats tells us “I would love if she came to this retreat too because it would be amazing to lose weight with Michelle!”

The new Bali Weight Loss retreat centre which can be found at the website baliweightloss.com is said to be launching on the first of April in 2018. The retreat consists of many ways to lose weight including the full detoxification which is somewhat trademark to how Jones runs her weight loss retreats.

Guests will undergo a complete detoxing of both the “mind and body” it is said, as well as have a full consultation with a Doctor, who while remaining unnamed at this point, is a specialist at both Eastern and Western medicine and “an amazing expert in the field of weight loss and health and wellness” Richard Hunt has told us.

While many would love to know Michelle Obama’s travel plans, it seems we will have to wait and see if she will indeed fly to Bali and complete the program with Sophie and the other guests.

Until then it is safe to assume that all eyes are on the new Bali Weight Loss centre launch and its leader, Sophie Jones.

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Published on: 2017-12-06

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