Do People Need a Bail Bonds Company?

People who are arrested and wants to get out of jail must post a bail. Do they need a bail bonds company?

It depends on the what the judge orders, said Joshua Khorsandi, owner of The Bail Boys bail bonding company.

“Sometimes a judge will release someone on their own recognizance. That means they can get out of jail with just a promise they will show up for the appointed court dates,” he said. “No one has to post any cash to get out of jail. In that case.”

Such releases are common for people charged with minor offenses who do not have a record. Other people who have a record, convicted or not, or charged with something more serious must post bail.

Bail can be cash or property posted in lieu of bail, If property is used, the property must be valuable enough to cover the bail set by the judge. Real estate is the most common property. But, real estate often has to be professionally evaluated to prove the value of it.

Cash is always accepted at face value.

“The question is, does the person arrested have enough cash for bail? If bail is $10,000, that much money must be deposited for the person to get out of jail,” Mr. Khorsandi said. “Most people do not have that kind of cash laying around. So, they need a bail bonds company.”

For 10 percent of the bond amount, a bail bonds company like the Bail Boys will post the bail for a person to get out of jail. 10 percent is the charge allowed under California law.

“You do not have to pay that 10 percent all at once. If the bail is $10,000, it costs $1,000 to have a bail bonds company post that,” he said. “Most people also don’t have that much cash on hand either. That’s why The Bail Boys offer payment plans. We’ll set up a plan so you can pay the 10 percent over time at a rate you can afford.”

For more information about bail bonds visit or call (310) 246-2333.

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Published on: 2018-02-08

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