MDMA Psychotherapy Trials Showing Promise

A recent round of clinical trials in Canada using MDMA and psychotherapy in combination is showing results that surpass wither treatment used alone.

MDMA, or 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, is an empathogen, meaning that it stimulates a person’s feelings of trust toward other people. MDMA is currently in a drug trials in the US and Canada. The US trials are being done under the Investigational New Drug program.

The Canadian trials show that people with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) are improving faster with longer lasting results when MDMA is used in conjunction with psychotherapy. A report in Newsweek Magazine in January 2018 looked at the trials there and the US and briefly mentioned similar trials in Israel.

“This is something we very much need,” said LA psychotherapist Jessica McIntyre. “People with severe PTSD need all the help they can get. If MDMA can speed their healing and deliver a more effective healing, then we to have access to this therapy too.”

At present MDMA is a Class 1 drug. A Drug Enforcement Agency licenses is needed to make, possess and sell MDMA. In 2016 the FDA put MDMA in a “breakthrough therapy designation” program which speeds up the process for getting this drug approved to treat problems like PTSD.

Ms. McIntyre applauded the 2016 decision to put MDMA back into trials. She is equally glad to see the drug moving forward to Phase 3 of the trials.

“MDMA can be a vital resource for treating PTSD and probably many other problems. The effect of MDMA makes people much more receptive to psychotherapy treatment. They approach sessions with much more trust and openness to the concepts under discussion. Think of MDMA as a bridge over a river. It helps people get to the other side much faster,” she said.

MDMA is already legal in the US for a very few conditions, including for patients who have a terminal illness. Even with MDMA on the fast track, it make take a few more years before it receives government approval for more uses.

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The Los Angeles therapy practice is dedicated to being that caring professional. I have helped those who feel they have lost their way or lost their professional edge and simply need the support of a knowledgeable therapist who first relates by careful listening and then helps with the applicable counseling. This interaction specifically enhances impact reduction of irritating trigger events that underlie emotional problems. Success in this goal is usually indicated by the minimization and then reversal of the accompanying helplessness, confusion or low self-esteem that seems to be prevalent here in Los Angeles!

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Published on: 2018-02-08

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