Ancient Jewish Wisdom Comes to Life in New Book 'The Golden Prayer'

SAN DIEGO - How old is Judaism? Over five thousand years old. That's old enough to be called ancient by modern standards and yet, what is this ancient wisdom? To love God more than the world, or so says Edward Weiss, author of the book The Golden Prayer.

Weiss, who was born and raised in the Jewish faith says the world is the great test and if we desire it more than God, we fail the test. Edward comments on this...

"The world is the effect of G-d and not the cause. To take pleasure from the effect is well and good, but to ignore the cause that brought and continues to bring all in to existence is to live in ignorance."

This, and other strongly worded thoughts are all throughout Weiss's book, who, like a prophet of old, hammers down on what he considers to be ignorance. And he finds a lot of it. Especially in those who have not overcome their own self importance.

This author is all about God and even hyphenates the word God in the book. 'A sign of respect for the name of God' says Edward who makes sure his readers understand the importance of putting God before everything else. Mr. Weiss comments...

"The Ten Commandments starts with 'love of G-d' for a reason. Without this love, one can never really know what one is and will most likely live life in ignorance, pursuing the things of the world. To be in the world but not of it is to love G-d more than the world. Here is the freedom all are looking for - the constant joy of knowing our place as children of G-d."

The book The Golden Prayer is now available at

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Published on: 2018-02-24

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