The Story of Mohammed Ibrahim Mirza Beig, Teenage Entrepreneur

Remember those old movies from the 80s that were about super-genius prodigies that could do anything? Well, believe it or not, it's not fictitious, at least that's the case for Mohammed Ibrahim Mirza Beig.

He's a sixteen-year-old entrepreneur. He founded and operates a web startup called WIRED2TECH, a website dedicated to teaching work based coding for free. WIRED2TECH was actually created by him in 2016, but after recent updates has gained a steady increase in popularity.

As of now, the website has over 390,000 visitors from around the world and counting. But how does a startup like this really survive?
Mohammed's words on this were:

"There was a time where I had placed many ads and even asked for donations, but I learned that what truly matters is getting quality content to our users rather than gaining a profit, and that's when I decided to remove all profit-making content including donations because the economic reality is that it doesn't really cost me that much to operate, since I create and manage everything myself there really isn't that much of an expense at hand, so I decided to favor the overall quality and experience of my users because that's what truly matters; at the end of the day money comes and goes, but knowledge is forever, and I believe in giving the gift of free knowledge to the world."

And there you have it, the words of a true businessman that realized before anything that a business must always focus on its users. But there is more: Mohammed actually also works part-time as an intern at a non-profit organization called "Give Us The Floor" which is dedicated to helping teens get through teen specific problems.

In sum, this teen entrepreneur is something different, he truly cares for his cause and truly loves to help others, and this is what true entrepreneurship is.

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Media Contact:
Mohammed Mirza Beig
410 S 15th ST #108, McAllen, TX 78501

Published on: 2018-05-16

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