Human rights encounter a political collusion in Marshall Island

Recently, there is a thing that has been spread in Marshal's capital, Majuro. A citizen of Marshall, being a successful businessman, gave a donation to a prison in Marshall. The value of the donation was USD2.3 million. But the building materials were all from Asia. It was a very normal time for Marshall's improvement in human rights, a very good thing to strengthen the international image of Marshall, but it was inexplicably obstructed.

According to a survey, the donation had long been communicated and negotiated with the police, the Ministry of Justice and the Marshall government in the second half of 2017 several times.

Prison conditions and political persecution are the concerns of global human rights organizations. While Marshall, as a very representative country in the Pacific region, has very poor prison conditions at present, and are facing many accusations in the world and has a bad negative image currently. Therefore, in order to improve Marshall's human rights situation throughout the world, and promote its international status, this donation to the new prison was launched. According to reliable information, the donor wanted to donate to the government building in the first place. However, because of the intervention of Taiwan, Taiwanese wanted to donate to the government building that had been closed for many years, so donations from the public were obstructed. After the Taiwan leader left Marshall, Taiwan's commitment to the government building was tardy.

This is a donation from a Marshall citizen. All the building materials have arrived at the Marshall port. It is likely to be a new model of donation for Pacific nations, but it has been treated unfairly and obstructed in every possible way. The building materials used for the construction of the new prison are installed in 17 containers and have been docked at Marshall pier. But it does not allow customs clearance but also impose high taxes and fees.

Now have to make sure what has happened?

As we know, the incumbent cabinet, especially Madam President, has made many new agreements with Taiwan for her own interests. It is said that Taiwan has decided to add an additional USD190 million to the Marshall government. Where will Taiwan's capital flow to? We have to doubt about it. Will it go in the pockets of the president and ministers who are relatives of the president, or be truly used in practical aspects, all of which need to be investigated in depth? Now the government seems to listen to the orders from Taiwan entirely, and donating materials are not allowed to enter Marshall. We can't help asking whether Marshall belongs to Taiwan or belongs to Marshall people?

In recent years, Taiwan has been reducing the number of donations to Marshall, but this time it has become so active that it has to be taken into consideration that whether there have reached some ulterior agreements behind this.

Why was the donation to the prison that would promote Marshall's national image unimpeded before the intervention of the Taiwanese? When the Taiwanese have added funds, it has been obstructed in every possible way. Is the current government standing for the masses or standing for Taiwan? Is it to improve the survival environment of the people, or to accept overseas donations for some ulterior motives?

At the same time, the materials at the port should be released as soon as possible. At present, the government's obstruction has seriously affected the global attention to Marshall's human rights.

Published on: 2018-07-10

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