Marshall Islands drafts a plan to issue an encrypted currency SOV raises questions about the corruption

Recently, a former employee of Israel's NEEMA company disclosed on social networks that there was an insider trading in the digital currency SOV issued by the company for the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The
revelations point to the David Paul, Marshall President's Minster of Assistance on suspicion of insider trading and corruption.

“As is known to everyone, SOV is raised by ICO, so you have to provide a wallet address for investors to use BTC or ETH to raise money, however, in accordance with a recording, SOV operators promised to help David Paul make arbitrage on the exchange. ” The discloser, whose username was Cobain, said he had saved the recording.

"Even in order to gain the control power of SOV, NEEMA's project leader for SOV who promise to give David Paul 200 million dollars in cash on condition that the legislation is completed before paying 5
million dollars worth of ETH." for the anonymity of the digital asset wallet to be implemented quickly and Marshall also showed efficient action and high execution. SOV can quickly pass legislation without the majority of people's notification.

"It is hard to imagine that President Hilda C. Heine didn't know about this," said dissidents who objected to the bill: “ The husband of President Hilda C. Heine, who was a spokesperson of a foreign power. He
has previously privatized benefits through legal channels in international aid, including health care.

The Marshall Islands SOV National Digital currency will be issued and supported by Israel's Neema Corporation, which is the incubator of Y Combinator,
a well-known business incubator focused on providing financial block-chain solutions.

David Paul, the Marshall Islands’ Minister of Assistance, said earlier that choosing Yokew, the new block-chain framework, was a wise move for SOV digital
currency. Because it not only has all the advantages of Bitcoin, but also is not anonymous. SOV allows 95% of block chain enthusiasts to use encrypted currency
without hiding anything. And each SOV wallet is associated with a real person through a verified government ID and fingerprint.

“I hope that more people will know the nature of SOV which issuing the ICO. Marshall’s citizens should realize that they were unwittingly strapped into an opaque debt and they had to trade the value of their labor force for SOV through legal procedures. Arbitragers and those who share in the return on investment are not going to tell them the truth, on account of this ICO deals have already taken place
preliminary, moreover, those transactions are anonymous. ” the discloser said, she would release the recording at the appropriate time. She considers that the sovereign digital currency should be clear and transparent, just as Bitcoin should not be a hard
currency for money laundering and shady trading.

It shows this ID was registered in Iceland in December 2017.

Published on: 2018-07-11

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