Hong Kong: IP protection awareness remains high

Hong Kong has a high awareness of intellectual property rights protection, the Intellectual Property Department announced today.

An overwhelming 96.1% of respondents to the Survey on Public Awareness of Intellectual Property Right Protection 2018 considered it necessary to protect IP rights in Hong Kong. 

The department said 79.9% of the respondents shared the view that IP rights protection is instrumental to the development of local creative industries and 69.1% considered it instrumental to the city's overall economic development.

More than 85% of the respondents are aware that legislation is in place in Hong Kong for protecting copyright, trademarks and patents. 

Additionally, 75.8% of the respondents said that they do not buy any pirated or counterfeit goods and 78.1% shared the view that it is morally wrong to buy pirated or counterfeit goods even knowing that it is an infringement of IP rights.

A total of 1,003 people responded to the survey. 

Director of Intellectual Property Ada Leung said: “It is encouraging to see that the awareness of IP rights protection and respect for IP rights remain high among the general public in Hong Kong."

Noting that more people are shopping online, the department is committed to enhancing public awareness on online IP rights protection through different channels, including social media, Ms Leung added.

Click here for the survey results.

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