Hong Kong: Fare subsidy collection to start

People will be able to collect the public transport fare subsidy for January between February 16 and May 15, the Transport Department announced today.

The Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme was implemented on January 1 to help residents who have high public transport expenses.

Commuters will be able to collect the payment from Subsidy Collection Points installed at all MTR stations, Light Rail Customer Service Centres, and designated ferry piers and public transport interchanges.

They will also be able to collect the subsidy at 7-Eleven and Circle-K outlets, Wellcome supermarkets, Octopus Service Points, or through the Octopus App.

About $186 million will be handed out to commuters for January, benefitting more than 2.3 million people, the department said.

Commuters can check their public transport expenses and subsidy amount online or through the Octopus App.

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