Hong Kong: Career award scheme opens

Applications for the 2019-20 Qualifications Framework Award Scheme for Learning Experiences, which offers industry practitioners learning opportunities abroad, opened today.

Emerging and standout talents from 23 industries are encouraged to apply for the scheme for a chance to participate in activities locally and around the world to boost their trade skills.

Hincent Ng, who works as an assistant landscape officer at a university, was one of the awardees in last year’s scheme and was given the opportunity to travel to Germany in January to attend the International Plant Fair.

Mr Ng said: “I want to take a look at what is happening in the other countries, like in Europe and the US, because they have more advanced technologies and machines that help to maintain tree health and the safety of trees in the city.

“This is indeed very valuable for me, to gain more experience and bring new technologies to Hong Kong.”

Fellow scheme awardee Vivian Chong, who works as a nurse at an elderly care home, said her ability to assess the needs of dementia patients improved after attending a conference in Australia.

“The activity under the scheme helped me expose myself to cutting-edge research, that helps me improve my skills in nursing to provide better care to my patients.”

Learning activities under the scheme include competitions, seminars, sharing sessions and study tours.

Awardees participating in local learning activities will receive an award of $10,000 while those engaging in such activities abroad will receive $30,000.

Not only does the scheme provide industry talents with opportunities to participate in learning activities, it also reinforces lifelong learning.

The scheme is open for applications until May 24.

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